CSP-201 Pediatric Saw

Specifically developed for pediatric use, the award winning CSP System is exceptionally quiet and compact minimizing patient anxiety.



Specifically developed for paediatric use, the Red Dot award winning CSP System is exceptionally quiet and compact minimising patient anxiety. The CSP System offers both battery and mains power options, and lithium ion battery technology provides an unrivalled power to weight ratio.


Saw Specifications
Order Code 1286994
Saw Model CSP-201
Oscillating Speed 14800 - 17500 cpm
Noise Level 55 dB(A)
Handpiece Weight 319 grams
Battery Specifications
Order Code 15250
Battery Pack Model BP-201
Battery Capacity 30.8 Wh
Battery Weight 437 grams
Charging time from flat > 3 hours

CSP-201-A Pro Cast Saw System

Order Code 1286984 - comprising
Order Code 1286984
CSP-201 Saw and cable 1286994
BP-201 Battery Pack Pro 15250
IC-201 Inter Connector 15270
PS-201 Power Supply 15280
Carry Case 15290
Wrench 15300
Saw Blade 15310
Saw Blade 15320

Mains Supply Cordsets

Cordsets are 2 metres long
UK - C7 plug 15610
EUR - C7 plug 15620
USA - C7 plug 15630
AUS - C7 plug 15640
Japan - C7 plug 15650
Swiss - C7 plug 15650