CC5A Cast Saw Vacuum System

The De Soutter Medical CC5A Vacuum Cast Saw System is the only system on the market with Dual HEPA Filtration.



The CC5 cast saw vacuum system is designed with the safety of the cast technician and the patient in mind. The CC5 orthopedic cast saw uses the latest filtration technology to maximize dust collection and retention.

The CC5 (and CC6) model combine the latest technological features with a functional ergonomic hand-grip. The smooth contours are designed to fit comfortably in the hands while providing the ideal cutting position. The balanced weight distribution increases maneuverability and helps to reduce wrist fatigue.

Additionally, the ergonomic, two speed control hand piece of the cast cutter saw, offers a quieter, low speed setting which is ideal for children and high speed setting for fast removal of thicker casts.

The CC5 Vacuum Cast Saw System provides a perfect combination of performance and safety.


Extractor Specifications
Motor Power (Max) 1 kW
Supply Voltage 240 or 100 - 120 Vac
Supply Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Suction 2500 water guage mm
Filtration 99.997% > 0.5 microns
Dust bag capacity 7.5 litres
Sound level 58 dB(A)

Filtration System

The four stage filtration system consisting of an easy to change disposable collection bag, two cloth filters and a micro filter. The micro filter retains 99.997% of all dust particles greater than 0.5 microns.

Suction can be switched between powerful 'high' and quiet 'low' setting to suit operator and patient convenience.

The extractor with its exceptional dust filtration capability can be connected to either the CC5 or CC4 saw.  When the saw is switched on, the extractor starts automatically. Likewise, the extractor stops automatically five seconds after the saw is switched off, thereby ensuring the system is purged of all cast particles.

The hose attachment position and low centre of gravity make the extractor very stable thus preventing accidental overturning.

How to order CC5A system

How to Order CC5 System - with extraction
System Components U.K. 230 V Euro plug 230 V US plug 120 V (CSA)
CC5 Saw 1270554 1270554 1280664
PS5 power supply 609053 609053 609983
Hose Kit 6400 6400 6400
Extractor 1190 7020 7140
Complete System Ordering Code CC5A-230 UK  CC5A-230 EU CC5A-120 US