CC6 Cast Saw

The CC6 Cast Saw offers the same ergonomic and technical features as the CC5 model but is designed specifically for use without dust extraction.



The CC5 and CC6 models combine the latest technological features with a functional, ergonomic handgrip. The smooth contours are designed to fit comfortably in the hand while providing the ideal cutting position. The balanced weight distribution increases manoeuvrability and helps to reduce wrist fatigue.

On the CC5 model, the dust extraction path is ducted internally through the handpiece which significantly improves visibility and handling in comparison to conventional saws fitted with extraction.

Rubber motor mounts insulate the internal mechanism from the outer case. This results in extremely low noise and reduces vibration to the operators hand. A two speed control on the handpiece gives a quieter, low speed setting which is ideal for use with children and a high speed setting for fast removal of thick body casts.

Power Supply CC5 and CC6 saws require their own low voltage power supply unit. On the CC5 model, the power supply is integral with the dust extraction unit. CC6 Saw is supplied by the PS6 power supply unit. See opposite page for options


High Oscillating speed 16000 cpm
Low Oscillating speed 11800 cpm
Voltage 22/29 Vdc
Weight 850 Grams
Sound Level 68 dB(A)
Length 245mm